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Quick Tips For Buying Blinds / Shades

There are few things to consider when choosing blinds or shades for your home or office as all blinds & shades have own's features. Below is a quick and short checklist for your reference.

How Many & How Much?

  • How many total windows and doors you need to install blinds or shades?
  • Is there any old blinds / shades need to be replaced too?
  • How much is your budget for each & all the items.
  • You can only find best & lowest price for shades and blinds online. Why? there is much lesser total operation costs!

Dimension, Material, Color & Design

  • Do you prefer modern or traditional design feel?
  • But it's not just what you like, you need to take into consideration whether the new shades or blinds match with the window / door and overall interior look and feel.
  • Have you taken the exact measurements (width X height) for each door / window (whether it’s an outside or inside mount).
  • Is the controls will be on the right or left side?
  • Is the blind / shade mainly for blocking of sun or view? More durable materials is suggested for hot sun :)
  • What's the preferred material? Wood, bamboo, vinyl are the common materials for blinds & shades.
  • What color? Black / dark color, white / bright color, or natural material color?
  • Does it matter whether it is horizontal or vertical blinds?


  • Do you know how to install it? Or who can do this favour for your?
  • But rest assured the installation is not difficult. All blinds and shades come with handy installation guide.
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